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Dear Startups, Small & Medium Business owners,
This blog post is for introducing you all to the concept of Inbound Marketing. Some of you might be already knowing Inbound Marketing methodology and using it for your business. Some of you may not be aware of it. No worries; read on to understand the same.

What is Inbound Marketing?
Before I answer this question, we need to understand what is outbound marketing.Outbound Marketingis nothing but all the marketing techniques which we are well used to like trade shows, email blasts, cold calling etc. It is a method where one sends out his marketing message in the hope for being heard by target audience and thereby generate leads.
Till now, majorly companies are still relying on outbound; but there are some disadvantages for the same.

Disadvantages of Outbound Marketing
Most of the techniques in Outbound methodology are expensive. For example: Trade shows or advertisements where ROI is also tricky.Its interruptive methodology- where prospects or even strangers are bombarded with marketing messages, when they least expect it (which is annoying most of the times…)As its interruptive, prospects have started blocking out these messages like cold calls or even emails by using tools. Soeffectiveness has taken a hit.

So I present to you all now- “Inbound Marketing”

What is Inbound Marketing?
“Inbound Marketing is a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts individuals to your brand and converts them into lasting customers” (HubSpot)
You may be thinking.. Looks like hell lot of work..No, It’s pretty simple once you understand the basics.

How does Inbound Methodology work?
Inbound Marketing is the most logical flow which is available for all organizations today. This method helps organizations to grow by attracting prospects (without interrupting or getting blocked), converting them to leads (when they are ready), close the deal (happy customers) and finally delight them to become brand ambassadors.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing for startups and Small businesses:
Best methodology to compete with large organizations in your market with heaps of advertising or marketing budgetsNot expensive to establishMakes you a notable market leaderMakes you a reliable partnerGives your company a fresh new image of partner rather than a sellerAnd many more…
Inbound methodology revolves around understanding your buyers better (buyer personas), creating good and useful content for them, make it available for them at right places at right time (social media, blog and even company website), making it easy for them to contact you when they are ready (Call-to-actions) and email marketing to your own list (CRM).

Why it is best for startups and Small & Medium Businesses?
Once you learn the basics of Inbound methodology, you can establish a setup which will handle your marketing for a very long time and make you successful. For startups, if you have established the same while setting up, you will be a winner in long run.