The 6 Most Important Digital Marketing Tools For Startups

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Digital Content is spreading. It’s contagious. Everywhere you go you’ll see someone glued to a phone when walking, on a computer at work or for leisure, or looking at his or her watch for digital content. I’m sure there are many statistics available about how important digital content and marketing is today, but it’s pretty obvious if you just look around.
For many startups digital content and marketing is extremely important and there are an infinite amount of tools you can go through before figuring out what actually works. So that you don’t waste you time, the crew at Flight by Canto has put together a list of the 6 Most Important Digital Marketing Tools for Startups.

1. Digital Publishing: WordPress
WordPress is a publishing platform that is used to create blogs and websites, This platform provides easy usability with powerful tools. Publishing digital content through WordPress is best for startups because of its customized themes, SEO, ease of use, ability to manage your website from any computer, no HTML editing or FTP software required, and it can be used by multiple users.

2. Promoting Digital Content: Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a platform for enhanced social media management. Brand promotion is crucial for startups and the best way digitally to do that is through social media. Hootsuite Pro is the best option. With Pro you can monitor multiple streams (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) all in one place and schedule posts ahead of time in order to focus on other important aspects of the startup’s business. Social media listening through Hootsuite can be realized by having a stream dedicated to specific keywords, which allows startups to see how others are responding to those keywords or the startup’s brand.

3. Analyzing Digital Content: Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web-based platform that collects data about the visitors to your website. Google Analytics is an important tool for startups because it helps optimize budget allocation by recognizing what is and is not working through its analysis. Other benefits include marketing campaign optimization, website appeal, and target audience identification. The best part … it’s free.

4. Digital Asset Collaboration: Flight by Canto
For startups, the amount of digital assets can quickly escalate and organizing them becomes a top priority. Why find a cloud to just store your files when you can do so much more? With Flight you can upload all of your digital files and have them automatically segmented by file type and easily search with tags and keywords and share the digital assets out to multiple social networks, e-mails, or through secure links. In addition, with Flight, members of the organization can collaborate to change and discover the best digital content together. Trust me, these are only a few of the awesome features of Flight.

5. Digital Marketing Productivity: Asana
Staying on track of digital marketing projects is another significant component for startups. There are an endless number of apps for productivity, but the one we have found most appealing is Asana. With Asana you can organize complex projects and hit deadlines. Asana is easy to use, includes tags to quickly browse through related tasks, and has huge collaboration and communication benefits. Asana is the digital marketing project management tool that startups need to support their growth.

6. Digital Team Communication: Slack
A vital part to a growing startup is communication. Slack allows teams to communicate in one place through real-time messaging, often replacing e-mail with a more conversational alternative. The team chat works on three levels: one-to-one, private groups, and all (#channels). Slack is an awesome and necessary free collaboration platform for all startups.